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Flick To Grow Your Instagram

Flick is an amazing popular tool to grow your Instagram account, business or influence by reaching new audiences. It let you do this by hashtag suggestions and analyzing.

Let’s have a look at the features of Flick.

🔍 Hashtag Search

Quickly find high-quality hashtags for your Instagram posts.

How to use:

Enter a keyword or hashtag and Flick will provide you 40 suggestions that are either: 


  • Hashtags that are frequently used together in content that is ‘ranking’ (proven to have worked for people before) based on your search.


  • Gives you hashtags that are textually similar to your search.

Note: Flick will notify you if a hashtag is banned or flagged.


  • Advanced search filters (Filter hashtags based on your strategy) 
  • Suggested filters (automatically creates filters based on your linked IG account)
  • Expand hashtags (Click to search a hashtag in the graph or table)
  • Copy hashtags to the clipboard, or add to a hashtag collection for later
  • Hashtag Metrics (see feature page for info)

🔍 Instagram Performance Reports

Key insights sent straight to your inbox every week.

performance report flick best marketing softwares

How to use:

Get sent reports every Monday, also available within the app.


  • Shareable link
  • Report covers: Reach, Impressions, change in followers, profile visits, impressions, website clicks & daily breakdowns.


  • This is still in BETA, this feature will be changing over the following months – please caveat that this is in BETA if mentioned in your content.

📊 Hashtag Metrics

Reliable and actionable data behind every hashtag.

hashtag metrics flicck best marketing softwares

How to use:

Average Likes / Comments 

The average number of likes/comments received on content that has ranked in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag. 

Competition Score 

The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the ‘top posts’ feed of the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag’s difficulty to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the success Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features.

Potential Reach

The estimated audience size you’re likely to reach if you were to rank highly on the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag’s potential audience size to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the experience Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features.

DAPC (Daily Average Post Count)

The average number of posts made into a hashtag on a daily basis.

Posts Made 

The total number of posts made in a hashtag.

Hashtag Performance Metrics

Times ranked

The number of times your posts were seen in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

Avg. Best Rank

The average position your posts are seen in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag, based on the data we have.

Rank Ratio

The percentage of times you rank in the top 100 posts with this hashtag when using it.

🗂 Hashtag Collections

Centralized location for all your hashtags – Build a library of options for your posts, test different variations and re-use top-performing groups.

How to use:

Find hashtags using search and add them to a collection, or import existing hashtag lists.

  • Hashtags will automatically sync with the ‘Hashtag Assistant’ app which is free with your Flick subscription.
  • Personalize your collections with emoji’s and names
  • See how key hashtag data changes over time

📱Hashtag Assitant

Access your hashtag collection on the go and keep up to date with key growth metrics.

How to use:

Requires linked IG account, visit the app store, log in and your collections will sync automatically.


  • Follower growth analytics (see your change in followers daily, how many have been gained and lost) 
  • Copy hashtags in a single tap
  • Copy hashtags from different collections 
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Flick To Grow Your Instagram
Flick To Grow Your Instagram

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